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Year of Stitches Patterns

This post is me catching up the backlog of patterns used. These are all the patterns I combined into the start of the collage that made up my original #YearOfStitches project (that I’m now doing as a #StitchEveryDay project).

“A” for Amanda. The “A” was from the Summer Garden font published in “Cross Stitch Alphabets: An Indispensable Collection of 50 Themed A-Zs” A David and Charles Book. 

The font for the rest of my name was a free online pattern. The font was just a little too small next to my flowered “A” so each stitch was increased to two. Perfect expansion.

Color specifics: I used 3 strands (which would be half the “strand ply” how DMC floss comes packaged) for the fill in color in the “A” and the back stitching for the rest of my name. I used 2 strands to do the back stitching lining the “A” and the two flowers. And then 1 strand to back stitch around the butterfly and the leafy back stitching detail around the “A.” The colors I used were: greens (988, 700, 986), butterfly (3689, 223, 221), purples (778, 554, 208, 3746, 333)

The Crown. Real simple pattern I found on pinterest.

Color specifics: 210, 341, 800, 504, 30415/S415 (used three strands for each stitch)

Public service warning: If you haven’t worked with DMC satin thread before… it’s very misleading and very slippery. Use at your own risk

The Key. The key came from a somewhat blurry picture from Pinterest. I ended up blocking it out in paint and kind of winging it as far as the three-quarter stitches and back stitching went.

Color specifics: 517, 3809, 597, 800 (used 3 strands to fill, 1 strand for outline backstitch)

The pattern blocking (done as pixel art in MS Paint)

Want to see all the patterns in one place? See my pinterest board!

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