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    Year of Stitches Patterns 2

    The cat was very easy. Lots of coverage–definitely the biggest pattern used so far–but it was all the same color (310, thickness = 3 strands) Colors used: greens (500, 501, 503), oranges (355, 351, 352, 353), blue/yellow (791, 793, 742) Everything was 2 strand thickness, except the yellow centers (they were 3 strand) Colors used: greens (500, 501, 503), blues (791, 793, 3747), oranges (351, 353, 355) Everything was 2 strand thickness.

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    Year of Stitches Patterns

    This post is me catching up the backlog of patterns used. These are all the patterns I combined into the start of the collage that made up my original #YearOfStitches project (that I’m now doing as a #StitchEveryDay project). “A” for Amanda. The “A” was from the Summer Garden font published in “Cross Stitch Alphabets: An Indispensable Collection of 50 Themed A-Zs” A David and Charles Book.  The font for the rest of my name was a free online pattern. The font was just a little too small next to my flowered “A” so each stitch was increased to two. Perfect expansion. Color specifics: I used 3 strands (which would…

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    Stitch Every Day: The Reboot

    I have been itching to do something creative. And rather than working on one of the three crochet blankets I have going, I decided I wanted to cross stitch. Really, I wanted something smaller that I could easily take to work and do during my lunch hour. This seemed like the perfect excuse to revive my #YearOfStitches project So my “year” of stitching was more like 60 days. Not too shabby, but the whole year thing was a tad overwhelming. That big 365 number was always looming over me, making me anxious. Which means I needed to rethink how I would go about this project (I love what I’ve done…

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    Dream Catcher Project

    aka: my sister benefits yet again from my crafty ways So it all started because I wanted to make my sister a graduation gift. And that thought was actually formed because I found this cross stitch pattern while browsing pinterest and it spoke it me. And somehow one cross stitch pattern turned into a whole project that included crocheting a dream catcher/feathers, ribbon, and beads. But, that’s how I do things… big, over the top, plans. I built the rest of the piece around this honestly. The colors of the DMC floss I used were: 3862 (brown), 3820 (yellow), 954 (green), 813 (blue), 553 (purple), 3801 (red–3705 was used on…