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    Year of Stitches Patterns 2

    The cat was very easy. Lots of coverage–definitely the biggest pattern used so far–but it was all the same color (310, thickness = 3 strands) Colors used: greens (500, 501, 503), oranges (355, 351, 352, 353), blue/yellow (791, 793, 742) Everything was 2 strand thickness, except the yellow centers (they were 3 strand) Colors used: greens (500, 501, 503), blues (791, 793, 3747), oranges (351, 353, 355) Everything was 2 strand thickness.

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    Digital art is not my calling

    This header image is a placeholder really. I have a brother-in-law who like went to school for graphic design and is much better than me when it comes to digital art. However, he is currently out of town. And my sister, bless her soul is already trying to hype me on social media (as she has pointed out, that’s what she went to school for). So I needed something other than the stock image if I was going to start linking my website to things. An hour in a crappy photo-editer later… this is what I got: a silly picture with my cats in it, and my husband questioning the…

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    A cat bed

    Otherwise known as crocheting a big circle. I’ve had a boat load of “crafting” hobbies. But my main textile one was cross stitch. I’ve done it off and on since childhood. But back in the summer of 2017, I found myself standing in a used bookstore comparing knitting and crocheting books… I walked out with like six crochet ones, drove over to my local craft store for some supplies, and the rest is history. After a few days of messing around with some cheap yarn to learn the stitches, I made my first piece: a cat bed. Basically just a big circle, but I was really happy. I used a…