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Stitch Every Day: The Reboot

I have been itching to do something creative.

And rather than working on one of the three crochet blankets I have going, I decided I wanted to cross stitch. Really, I wanted something smaller that I could easily take to work and do during my lunch hour. This seemed like the perfect excuse to revive my #YearOfStitches project

So my “year” of stitching was more like 60 days. Not too shabby, but the whole year thing was a tad overwhelming. That big 365 number was always looming over me, making me anxious. Which means I needed to rethink how I would go about this project (I love what I’ve done so far and truly want to finish and frame it.)

I decided to take a new approach this time: think in the now. So my goal is to create every day. To fulfill that need to make something with my hands.

I find this not only relaxes and focuses me, but also gives me some time to listen to all those podcasts on my docket. It also gives me an easy, productive choice for those evenings where I’m feeling tired and too worn out to really decide what to do with my night (but I know sitting around watching tik tok for two hours isn’t a good life decision).

Step One: hunt down the project. I am a very organized person, but sometimes that organization is a little chaotically thrown together. One of those times where you know you put something somewhere safe in a box, all neat and tidy… but now you just have to find that box. But I did, and that’s all that matters.

This was my last posted update of the project. Enjoy the cat tax.

Step Two: organize my floss collection (almost half had been pulled out when I was picking colors for the embroidered table numbers for my sister’s wedding). And doing that felt so right.

Step Three: update my working pattern. When I started the project I just pulled a rectangle of aida cloth I had that felt like a good size, and then just started stitching. Since it started as a project to just add to as the year went on, the idea was to keep adding small patterns into a collage.

This was the current working pattern when the project was still “year of stitches.”
In the above picture, you saw my name, the key, and the crown completed. The last time I posted, I had been working on the cat. But when I found the project I had actually finished the cat and the two flowers (apparently those updates were forever drafts).
This is the updated pattern blocked out as of 9/9/20 additions (which included: book shelf, cupcake, 2 black cat silhouettes, tiny rose, outline for cameo)

Step Four: create. I pulled colors to do the tiny teacup and teapot and just… started.

And that’s where I am at. Hoping that having less of a timeline means I can just enjoy the journey of creating the piece.

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