About Me

Stell and Lulu

Here are my wonderful fur babies (Estelle and Luna), my site's namesake.

Hi. My name is Amanda. I’ve always been on the artsy side. Always have had this yearning to create something with my hands. But I also tend to have a short attention span and a love for starting new projects (and occasionally completing them). Which means I’ve picked up an endless amount of “crafting” hobbies over the years… and I show no sign of stopping.

However. After a bit of a quarter life crisis–you know, one of those moments where your chest is tight with anxiousness, and you ask yourself if you’re happy with what you’re doing with your life? It was after one of these panicky occasions that I felt the need to do something more with my crafting, make it more than just a side hobby I dabbled in sometimes.

Step one was coming home and having my tech-savvy husband help me set up a domain and hosting. 

Step two was finally making an electronic record of some of the more serious projects I’ve undertaken in recent years.

Step three… was to create? That’s where you find me now.