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Dream Catcher Project

aka: my sister benefits yet again from my crafty ways

The completed project

So it all started because I wanted to make my sister a graduation gift. And that thought was actually formed because I found this cross stitch pattern while browsing pinterest and it spoke it me.

And somehow one cross stitch pattern turned into a whole project that included crocheting a dream catcher/feathers, ribbon, and beads. But, that’s how I do things… big, over the top, plans.

I finished the cross stitch part first and I was already in love.

I built the rest of the piece around this honestly.

The colors of the DMC floss I used were: 3862 (brown), 3820 (yellow), 954 (green), 813 (blue), 553 (purple), 3801 (red–3705 was used on the dream catcher to attach the feathers since they were out when I went back to the store to get more). And I stitched it on aida 18 count, using 3 strands of thread.

The middle of the dream catcher

This part actually worked up surprisingly fast.

I used a 3.25 mm hook and the yarn was Premier Yarns–Serenity Garden Yarn in “Gems.” I ended up using a 10″ diameter hoop, but I could have gone the next size up easily if I wanted a more stretched/taught finished product. But one, I was not making another trip to the craft store. And two, I didn’t want the dream catcher to completely dwarf the cross stitched piece (since that was only a 5″ hoop).

The pattern I used is free on ravelry.

So onto the feathers…

So many feathers… so much time.

The feathers were the hardest part. But I was so committed and they were going to happen.

To keep my sanity, I worked on them slowly. Getting the bulk of it done on my lunchbreaks at work. I started off kind of rocky… the pattern just didn’t seem to quite work for me.  I’m not sure if it was the yarn or the hook size I used, but the number of stitches just seemed too dense for me and I did not like the way the feather was turning out. So I ripped out some stitches and improvised a pattern as I went. The first feather turned out a little wonky, but they started looking nicer after that. In the end, I was happy with my adjusted pattern.

Now that the feathers were done, I could assemble.

Here’s a bit of a work in progress shot. Ribbon on and then I had to figure out the feathers.

The notebook that’s sitting on the dream catcher? It’s where I record the patterns I’m working on and make notes and whatnot. One, for record keeping–I’m a fan of the tangible. Two, so I can have a place to be messy with my thoughts and edits, rather than muck up whatever paper pattern I’m following. This project took up like 4 pages (where most take up one or two).

Feathers finally attached. Also added some ribbon to bulk out the bottom.

I attached my feathers with floss the same colors I used in the cross stitch part (which worked well since I picked the yarn to be a blend of those colors).

In between the bead sections I did a knot I grew up knowing as the the “tornado” knot to make friendship bracelets. I liked this because it made knots that twisted along the center strand.

Dream catcher assembled.
Added some feathers to the bottom of the cross stitch piece to really tie the two together.
Another angle of the completed pair.

I was sooooo happy with how this project turned out. As something that started as a whim and I kind of made up as I went along (after multiple trips to the craft store), I could not be happier with the end result. I had a hard time giving it away. I took solace in knowing it went to somebody who would love and appreciate it (and also that it was close enough that I could drool over it again if I wanted).

Thought this post was long? This is only half the pictures. See this imgur gallery for even more shots and some close ups of the detail.

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