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    Mushroom Jar and Faeries Cross Stitch Pattern

    I was looking for a little whimsy to add to my #stitcheveryday pattern. So what better than a little mushroom jar and some faeries? The mushroom jar I just eyeballed from an etsy pattern. (So if you like it and want more than just me blocking the pattern in paint, please go support the artist.) DMC colors used: Mushroom Jar: mushrooms (676, 351, 355), grass (895, 368), jar (3811, 504), lid (3041, 451), ribbon (3712, 353). Faerie Left: dress (954, 562, 3808), wings (813, 797, 794, 792), body (951), hair (mix: 726, 727, 972). Faerie Right: dress (3041), wings/body/hair (same as left). 3 strand thickness. Want to see all the…

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    Teapot and Teacup Cross Stitch Pattern

    This was the image I had saved in Pinterest. Look at all those teapots, which one to choose? Also, definitely not the clearest image. So as usual, off to Paint to do some pixel art. As you can see when looking at the finished piece, I strayed from the color scheme I used in paint. DMC colors used: grey (415), blues (791/793), purples (554/553), pinks (224/154), greens (503/501), white (blanc) — used 2 strand thickness Want to see all the patterns in one place? See my pinterest board!

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    Year of Stitches Patterns 2

    The cat was very easy. Lots of coverage–definitely the biggest pattern used so far–but it was all the same color (310, thickness = 3 strands) Colors used: greens (500, 501, 503), oranges (355, 351, 352, 353), blue/yellow (791, 793, 742) Everything was 2 strand thickness, except the yellow centers (they were 3 strand) Colors used: greens (500, 501, 503), blues (791, 793, 3747), oranges (351, 353, 355) Everything was 2 strand thickness.

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    Year of Stitches Patterns

    This post is me catching up the backlog of patterns used. These are all the patterns I combined into the start of the collage that made up my original #YearOfStitches project (that I’m now doing as a #StitchEveryDay project). “A” for Amanda. The “A” was from the Summer Garden font published in “Cross Stitch Alphabets: An Indispensable Collection of 50 Themed A-Zs” A David and Charles Book.  The font for the rest of my name was a free online pattern. The font was just a little too small next to my flowered “A” so each stitch was increased to two. Perfect expansion. Color specifics: I used 3 strands (which would…

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    Stitch Every Day: The Reboot

    I have been itching to do something creative. And rather than working on one of the three crochet blankets I have going, I decided I wanted to cross stitch. Really, I wanted something smaller that I could easily take to work and do during my lunch hour. This seemed like the perfect excuse to revive my #YearOfStitches project So my “year” of stitching was more like 60 days. Not too shabby, but the whole year thing was a tad overwhelming. That big 365 number was always looming over me, making me anxious. Which means I needed to rethink how I would go about this project (I love what I’ve done…