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Blanket with Waves

A house warming project for my sister.

This blanket is so soft and fit so well on the chase lounge part of our couch… I did not want to give it away.

I used Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn in the colorways: Stormy Sky and Seaside (3 skeins each), with a 8.0 mm hook.

I really liked the beachy-ness of the Seaside colorway, but did not want a quarter of the blanket to be tan. I wanted more blues. Luckily, there was the Stormy Sky colorway that shared two of the blue shades with Seaside.

I alternated the colorways every few rows or so. I did not really have a specific count, I did it more by eye/when I felt a color change was right aesthetically. The only limiting factor was that since I was carrying the yarn up the side (I single crocheted a boarder down two of the sides to hide this) I had to change colorways on the same side each time. This meant, I had to do an even number of rows of one colorway before I could start another.

Blanket became a cat trap when I was trying to take pics of it.

If found the pattern on ravelry.

Heads up. The pattern is in another language. I was able to use google translate on the site and get the jist of the pattern (it’s a really easy one once you get going).

You guys, however, don’t have to try and translate a translation!

My Translation of “Blanket with Waves

Suggested blanket size is 95 cm x 115 cm (92 chains in starting rows). But you can make the blanket any size as long as your starting chain row is divisible by 11 (+4 extra chains). Such as 70, 81, 92, 103, 114, 125, 136, etc

Abbreviations I used:

hdc = half double crochet ch = chain dc= double crochet

st = stitch(es) #dc =double crochet this many times in same stitch


Row 1: ch to desired length (remember: length= (multiples of 11)+4

Row 2: dc in 4th chain from hook. *dc in next 4 st, skip 2 st, dc in next 4 st, 3dc in next st* (*repeat* until reach end of row). 2dc in last stitch

Row 3: ch 3, dc in same stitch as ch. *dc in next 4 st, skip 2 st, dc in next 4 st, 3dc in next st* (*repeat* until reach end of row). 2dc in last stitch

Repeat row 3 until blanket is desired length. Change colors at the start of rows as desired (original patterns suggests every 2 rows)

Important: The original pattern says to not cut off/weave in the ends when changing colors, but instead to leave the yarn loose and run it along the side up to the next change. The pattern has you finishing the blanket with a border to hide these loose lengths of yarn between color changes. You can always decide not to do a border on your blanket, but then you will have to cut off and weave ends in between every color change.

Border: Only to be done along the two longer edges of blanket.

Attach yarn at corner of blanket. Ch 2. Continue to crochet along whole side with hdc. Finish off. (I actually only single crocheted the boarder since the yarn was so bulky.)

I didn’t actually measure the blanket before giving it to my sister (I was too busy washing it to get the cat hair off) but here it is on a queen bed for scale.

Want to see more pics? Check out my imgur gallery.

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