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    Simple Double Crochet Hat

    When this title says “simple” it means it. This hat is easily done in one sitting. I found this free pattern on ravelry. I was looking for a more lightweight hat since it was starting to get cold out, but was not enough for my heavier winter hat. You see, I shower in the morning before work and my hair is still a bit damp when I’m heading out the door. So having something where I could pile my hair on top of my head and keep it out of the way was a necessity. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in the colorway Ocean with a 5.5 mm hook.…

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    Crocheted Feathers Pattern Reworked

    In me previous post showing the progression of my dream catcher project, I stated how I had to rework the crocheted feather pattern I found online. I have a hunch it was the yarn weight that was off (I was using a 3.25 mm hook for Premier Yarns–Serenity Garden Yarn in “Gems.”). But I didn’t have a lot of time to be picky (I finished the whole present in a month leading up to my sister’s graduation). So instead of starting over–especially since the cross stitch portion and dream catcher were already done–I decided to improvise the pattern. Crocheted Feathers Pattern For sport weight yarn Hook sizes: 3.5mm for foundation chain,…

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    Dream Catcher Project

    aka: my sister benefits yet again from my crafty ways So it all started because I wanted to make my sister a graduation gift. And that thought was actually formed because I found this cross stitch pattern while browsing pinterest and it spoke it me. And somehow one cross stitch pattern turned into a whole project that included crocheting a dream catcher/feathers, ribbon, and beads. But, that’s how I do things… big, over the top, plans. I built the rest of the piece around this honestly. The colors of the DMC floss I used were: 3862 (brown), 3820 (yellow), 954 (green), 813 (blue), 553 (purple), 3801 (red–3705 was used on…

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    Face scrubbies and soap savers

    When doing my first “big” project, I made a rookie mistake…. I forgot to take pictures?!?! I know, I know. How could I? Apparently I had Christmas brain and was so focused on completing the presents that I forgot I needed proof to brag about them later. Still, I want to share the patterns I used since they were both pretty easy and made nice presents (I made up a whole basket that included handmade bar soap and bath bombs too). Easy face scrubbies (can purchase or free pattern on their blog) Pampering Massage Soap Saver (free pattern)

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    Digital art is not my calling

    This header image is a placeholder really. I have a brother-in-law who like went to school for graphic design and is much better than me when it comes to digital art. However, he is currently out of town. And my sister, bless her soul is already trying to hype me on social media (as she has pointed out, that’s what she went to school for). So I needed something other than the stock image if I was going to start linking my website to things. An hour in a crappy photo-editer later… this is what I got: a silly picture with my cats in it, and my husband questioning the…

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    A cat bed

    Otherwise known as crocheting a big circle. I’ve had a boat load of “crafting” hobbies. But my main textile one was cross stitch. I’ve done it off and on since childhood. But back in the summer of 2017, I found myself standing in a used bookstore comparing knitting and crocheting books… I walked out with like six crochet ones, drove over to my local craft store for some supplies, and the rest is history. After a few days of messing around with some cheap yarn to learn the stitches, I made my first piece: a cat bed. Basically just a big circle, but I was really happy. I used a…